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Who is Gateway Books International and Richard Mann ?


Using his imprint, Gateway Books International, British writer and publisher Richard Mann has published the ‘Directory of Indonesian Exporters’ in collaboration with the Director General, National Export Development, Government of Indonesia.

Beginning in 1984, Mann has published 106 books about Indonesia, 45 books in collaboration with various ministries of the Government of Indonesia.

The ‘Directory of Indonesian Exporters has been published for 20 years and is a valuable resource for foreign buyers who want to know what Indonesia has to offer and which are the leading suppliers.

The ‘Directory’ contains helpful information about services provided free by the Government of Indonesia to assist foreign buyers.

The national government has offices in all provinces and can therefore provide a full national service to foreign buyers. Their offices are listed in the ‘Directory‘.

As an additional assistance, all foreign embassies and chambers of commerce in Indonesia are listed so that foreign buyers can take advice from their own diplomatic or trade offices in Jakarta.

There are many industry and trade association in Indonesia and their staff are always willing to assist foreign buyers locate products and suppliers.

Therefore, the ‘Directory’ is much more than just a list of companies indexed by product but also a complete guide to organizations which will be able to help.

Today, apart from the ‘Directory of Indonesian Exporters’, Gateway Books International focuses almost exclusively on making tourist guides to Bali, Lombok and up and coming tourism destinations in eastern Indonesia such as Komodo Island and Flores.




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